Corporate Wellness

lifestyle = work style

A Gallup study this year quantifies one of the compelling challenges facing all business: Seven out of ten workers are actively disengaged, costing $450-$550 billion annually in healthcare expense and lost productivity. Virtually all large companies and many smaller enterprises are attacking the problem through lifestyle and wellness programs, an acknowledgment that people who are healthy and engaged in their lives spontaneously bring those traits wherever they go.

Michael Prager embodies this principle. Endowed with a bright, facile mind, he rose to lead the Hartford Courant's most important edition while in his 20s, only to fall back for health and attitude problems. His inner deficits were outwardly signaled by body weight that reached, in 1991, 365 pounds, despite twice having lost (and regained) more than 130 pounds. When, led by others, he began to a more encompassing approach, his life flowered.

Not only is he now maintaining a 155-pound loss for almost a quarter century, he found love and parenthood as well as professional success including becoming a section editor for the Boston Globe and a published author. He has extracted eight concepts from his transformation that convey not only how to achieve and sustain healthful change, but a very practical, self-interested case for adopting them.

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