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I mentioned after my appearance at the Commonwealth Club of California a couple of weeks ago that a podcast would result, and that I would mention when it was available. Well, it is, which I learned when someone who'd listened to it tweeted to me about it.

My opinion is that anyone would be best served by listening to the whole recording. Please do not overlook that point when I say the following:

Where Stonyfield buys, and sells

So there I was, gabbing happily with Pat Hayes of Hayes Family Farm (listed under the Hs) on Saturday at the Boston Local Food Festival when he said proudly that Organic Valley, the largest organic dairy cooperative in the country, supplies all the milk to Stonyfield Farm for its organic yogurt.

"Employee activation"

I don't at all like the term in the headline, but I do like the concept, which describes companies' engage employees to adopt "PSPs," personal sustainability practices, that can benefit not only the planet and the individual, but foster common purpose in a workforce. 

It's all one issue

If you want the Prager who knows and values the outdoors, you want my brother, Richard: National Outdoor Leadership School, Outward Bound Minnesota, solo Appalachian Trail hiker from Georgia to Maine, scaler of all the 4,000-plus-feet peaks in New Hampshire, New York State School of Forestry graduate degree, all before age 25, and 10 years (maybe it was only 5) as president of the Simsbury (Conn.) Land Trust.

Me, I got nothin', as JS would say.

Another word about the Commonwealth Club

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I have just been loving the format and guests on the Commonwealth Club podcasts, and strongly recommend them to you. They apparently are a West Coast fixture from decades back, but I only became aware of them when I came across their recordings in the iTunes Music Store. The format, typically, is a too-long, too-fawning intro, followed by perhaps a 20-minute speech, followed by questions from the audience.

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